About this site


zeldaXlove64.com (your Christina Grimmie resource) is a fanpage about the musician and YouTube starsinger Christina Grimmie aka zeldaxlove64.

It is made and maintained by people who love Christina’s music and want to support her. You can get involved if you want to!

We’re trying our best to keep the site accurate and up to date, but we’re in no way affiliated with Christina Grimmie. So if you have any corrections, suggestions or just a general note, please let us know by leaving a comment :) .


The first version of zeldaXlove64.com was developed in Summer 2010 (some time in July) by b3n. A small number of dedicated Christina-fans contributed a few parts of the content, and good contact was kept with many of the other early fanpages.

While most of the early fanpages disappeared or didn’t get updated anymore (and as some actually got merged into zeldaXlove64.com), zeldaXlove64.com added new features and improved its existing ones. Some of the early core-features have been the “awesome reader” (which automatically grabbed the latest updates from Christina’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter), our Timeline (tracking Christina’s major career steps), and our massive FAQ (Christina Q&A).

In early Summer 2011 (June 12th), zeldaXlove64.com received a major revamp. This not only completely changed the site’s design, but furthermore moved the site from the original self-written codebase to a customised version of a professional CMS. The new core-features include the “videoreel” (which displays, and allows the playing of, a number of recommended videos together with the latest automatically grabbed videos from Christina’s channel), the massive News-Archive, and the “Team Grimmie ♥ Fb” News Aggregator.


Even though by now a number of new fanpages have emerged, zeldaXove64.com still confidently defends its unique position within the Christina-Grimmie-fansite-biz. Our site has always been about bringing you content that matters!

Thank you for your visit, we hope you enjoy our site, and please let us know what you think ♥.