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Last modified: May 17, 2012
  • Mackenzie Moretter

    Hello The Grimmies I just wanted to say I’m sorry for your loss:( Christina inspired me to keep going with music and she was such a wonderful and sweet person to all her fans I wanted to meet her when I am older at a concert because I saw videos of fans with her and I already met Kat Perkins her friend Christina will forever be in my heart

  • jade

    Hai christina..i’m a fan from malaysia..and i really really love your voice and i really hope that can you do a cover song of Fight song by rachel platten? I really admire you and your amazing voice…

  • David Feustle

    Christina..your amazing. I cant sum it up in any simpler of words. Your voice is beautiful and strong. I was listening to Jason Mraz’s “I Wont Give Up,” on youtube, when it ended, immediately following was your version on The Voice..I stopped to watch and listen and I was blown away. Keep up all your hard work, your so amazing and your a big rolemodel for artists everywhere.
    -David Feustle (a very impressed musician) :)

  • Claire

    Christina I REALLY hope you see this! I’m such a big fan and I saw you at a Selena Gomez concert. I was blown away – I’ve loved Sel for years but I thought you were better then her. I’ve seen your vids and I think you should sing your AMAZING Whitney Houston rendition on The Voice!! I’m an aspiring singer and I really look up to you. You’re so amazing and I think you should sing that song. Thanks – Claire

  • Andee

    Glenna, you’re 13 now. You shouldn’t have given off that information. Even if you are 12, you shouldknowthat!

  • Colton Willis

    i just wih i could take her on a date :/

    • cheyenna m yazzie

      stop it she my friend

  • Xxx-Kat-xxX

    Hi Christina! I think of you as a role model and I LOVE ur music!!!! And of course zelda <3 It mean the world to me if we could meet each other :)

  • converseboy15

    Hi Christina I love your videos. You are talented, and have a beautiful voice. Please check me out on my channel and see what you think. My YouTube channel is Littledudespro. It’s short for little dudes production.

  • Danielle

    Hai Christina I love your music and covers AND THE COMMERCIAL U DID WITH SELENA :D

  • Natalie_2

    Hi! I am a HUGE fan…I’m only 10 though! I love your work and your and epic singer! Your inspire me and you’re my role model!!!

  • Annabeth Chase

    Hey Christina! If you know what I don’t get? Is the fact that we do this and she most likely doesn’t read this!! So sad!!! Um well now it’s awkward…….

  • Cassidy

    Hey you inspired to put my music on facebook i would like to become famous so i can share my talent with other people and inspires other like you did to me. I know im good at the piano and because of you you gave me a huge confidence booster it would mean the world to me if i could email you a song i write my own music i just need help getting found.

  • Annabeth Chase

    I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was listen to your music!!!!! I am in love with your music! Go team grimme!!!!!! <3<4<3

  • Annabeth chase!!! ;)

    You are beautiful !!!!!! :) :)

  • Annabeth chase!!! ;)

    Hey Christina!!! I am in love with your music oh and I think you should audition for Thalia grace from Percy Jackson!! And go team grimme!!!!!!!!! :) :)

    • Annabeth chase

      Hey Christina if you read this please reply!! But seriously try out for Thalia when I was first reading the books I’m like woa Christina grimmie is like the best person I could think of so I’ve always pictured Thalia as you!!! Who else agrees with me??!?! :)

  • Glenna

    I do wish I could meet you!! You are amazing at what you do!!! :)

    • Annabeth Chase

      I wish I could meet her too!!

  • Glenna

    Hey Christina I am so in love with your music so wish you could come to my school for my birthday August 27th which I am turning 12 but I know that won’t happen but it was worth a shot asking you! I live in celina Texas and am going back to school on my birthday:( and it’s new to me because it my 6 th grade year! So middle school for me on my birthday!!!! :( but hey love your music it’s amazing and your voice is beautiful!!! Love Glenna Grace Stalcup!

  • Soccerstar9018

    Christina I LOVE YOU!!! plz on your next video plz give a shout out to ryan jhonson he is an AMAZING guitarist and singer i LOVE his music he will be posting a video on youtube soon he is amazing you won’t be sorry

  • Calash1234

    HEY! :) i really hope you (christina) read this.. ok so first off i want to explain to you that you are sooo amazingly talented. its like… wow. mind blowing. but you would not beleive how many people tell me i am exactly like you. i guess i can understand why, seemings how i play piano (and many other instruments) by ear and was practicly raised on zelda.. plus our sence of style is definatly eye to eye. i wish i could meet you and jam sometime. like you dont even know how much i wish i could meet you… after i read that sentece over again, it sounds creepy.. but trust me, im not creepy,.. or stalkerish in that matter.. i just think your super cool and desperatly wish i could meet you in person.. but im not exactly a lucky person, so i doubt ill be able to meet some one as flippen sweet as you!! i mean,.. your cooler than the skyward sword.. thats like.. really flippen sweet. haha. anyways. Please please please write back or whatever:D

  • Pandagirl

    I am a HUGE fan. I am 12 and saw you at you tube. I saw the video that you were sad and I was so sad. They are wrong. You are pretty, and very talented at singing. You can sing. Hope you continue singing forever!!!!!

    Your BIGGEST Fan,

  • Kamygirl31899

    Hello Christina. I wanted to tell you that you are amazing. I have loved singing since a little girl and now that I’m thirteen I think that I am getting better. But I still want a voice as beautiful and as talented as yours. I have been practicing playing piano so I can play your songs. My voice is not perfect, and I need some advice. Do you have any tips for me Please Email Me Back.

  • Kamaryn

    Christina you are amazing! I love to sing, and you are my inspiration. I want to have a voice as beautiful as yours. I’ve been working hard, so if you have any tips please email me

  • Chris_kramm

    Hi, im Christopher Scott Kramm and i’m 20 years old. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter. I know the website says not to post anything but for contributions and to help out, but i am a soldier in Afghanistan and i have a welcome home from deployment formal ball in June. I can’t seem to find anything that will help me with this but i would love for Christina Grimmie to accompany me to the ball. If anyone can help me with this it will be greatly appreciated


      Hi Christopher, that surely is a great idea! However, to be honest with you I personally don’t think that Christina would be able to say yes, for a number of reasons. Of course you can try anyway and you might want to have a look at how others have tried similar things in the past. Have a look at “One Less Lonely Prom”, which is the story of how Cady Eimer asked Justin Bieber to her Prom!
      Unless you personally know Christina or any of her friends, your best bet would be to make a video asking her to go to the dance with you, and to upload it on YouTube. She might not see it, she might say no for all kinds of reasons, her manager might say no. But well, you can try. Good luck man ;)

  • David Hill

    Does anyone know how to contact Christina Grimmie by e-mail ? 


       That depends on your enquiry. Generally, no.

  • Tanyatreitline52

    Hey, love your voice. You should do Come Home by OneRepublic

  • Lfishie34

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTINA! Im so happy for you,and all youve accomplished. Every since I saw your videos on youtube,ive been on whos team? TEAM GRIMMIE BABY! I think youre voice is so amazing and beautiful, and im VERY glad that you dont use autotune. You’re such an inspiration and ILY!
    Lexi (:
    Btw, me and like 20 other girls go around singing above all that is random #4-5 (: WE LOVE EM! people get so annoyed with us, but its worth it. Keep rocking and doing your own thing

  • Madison M

    OMG Christina I don’t know how I could
    live if I never found at least one of your
    videos on YouTube! I know we can’t ask
    questions but there is one that’s bothering
    me! I’m not going to ask it without your
    permission (for I respect you) it’s really about
    you and your piano! I’m a pianist myself
    and it’s bothering me so if I can contact
    you any other way to get the answer (and
    give the question) that would be great
    I aim to be just like you
    Love you
    love 11 year old Madison :)

  • Nakitamesher

    You are truely amazing! :)  

  • Caitlin

    What’s up Christina? I’m an 11 old girl who looks up to you as a rolemodel and you are the most talented person in the whole wide world!!! Your voice is so amazing and I have all of your songs and you are amazing when it comes to stuff like that!

  • ChrisyRose

    What the heck?

    • Lala


  • ChrisyRose

    Hi Christina! My name’s Christina too!!! I was at your concert in Ottawa 2011!!!!! You’re the best!

  • Myguel_delmundo

    Hello Christina I’ve seen some of your vids on YouTube and it’s preety good and now I can just see you getting bigger and more popular. I hope you keep doing your best and keep rising to the stars with your fame. I also wish that uhm.. I could get an auto graph from you. Sincerely Myguel. Pls contact for your reply

  • Cannac

    Hi I am your biggest fan and I admire you in many levels I wish I could meet you I sometime cry and I would love to be famous only so I could meet you and Selena Gomez I now there are millions of other fans but I will only got to sleep by hearing your voice it would mean the world to me and I am a 12 year old girl bye