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A few selected Quotes by Christina herself

Christina is… funny, random, awesome? Decide for yourself, by checking out some of our favorite Christina quotes below.

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What the heck was that, I don’t even know. — Christina Grimmie, Beat It – Michael Jackson

I’m actually really angry right now, I’m just not expressing it that way. — Christina Grimmie, Beat It – Michael Jackson

I have a lot of quests…, no that’s in Zelda. — Christina Grimmie, Unknown YouTube-video

If you don’t play videogames, you’re kind of a loser. Actually people consider you a loser if you do play videogames. — Christina Grimmie, Zelda Meets Today’s Music

Put your hands up! I don’t care if you don’t know me! Put your hands up! Put your hands up! — Christina Grimmie, Concert in Boca Raton, FL on 07/28/11

My sound right now is pop-synthy-dance. — Christina Grimmie, Selena Gomez back in action; Christina Grimmie iTune drops tonight

I’m very much a rocker chick; I like to throw in some rock. — Christina Grimmie, Selena Gomez back in action; Christina Grimmie iTune drops tonight

Last modified: December 19, 2011
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    You inspire me endlessly. Keep being awesome!

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    okay guys, guess what. On Youtube, CHRISTINA GRIMMIE WROTE ME BACK! I commented on a video and she replied, she also called me hun! ♥


    put your hands up! :)

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    your pretty and amazing

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    your amzing christina grimmie!!!

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    You are awesome Christina! You are my favorite person. Team Grimmie Rawwks!

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    love u christina!!! :0

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