Christina’s segment on The Click Clique

Troughout the Summer of 2011, Christina had her own segment on’s web-show The Click Clique! Starring in episodes 3 to 26, she was on the show every Tuesday and Thursday (with few exceptions).

Episode Screenshots

Before we get to the videos, here’s a picture containing screenshots of each episode Christina was in! (

The Click Clique - Each episode Christina was in

The Click Clique - Each episode Christina was in

Episode Videos

Below you can find a list of all 24 regular episodes that Christina took part in. Of course we also have the specials…

Episode 26 – 9/22/11

The Click Clique – Episode 26: The Good News? Janet’s Back (Sorta). The Bad News? It’s Grimmie’s. Last. Segment.

We tried to keep ourselves composed while we watched the newest ep of The Click Clique. After all, it was Christina Grimmie‘s last segment. Ever! But then she got all sentimental on us, so we were bawling. On the plus side, our beloved host, Janet Krupin, was “back” and she was joined by‘s Anthony & Ian on the set of Food Battle 2011. (Apparently it’s a big deal, so you should probs check it out.) And movie newbie Madeline Carroll stopped by to dish on her crush, Taylor Lautner!

So much to talk about, but you should def check it out yourself below…

How sad are you that Grimmie’s gone? Are you gonna check out Food Battle 2011? Tell us how you’re really feeling in the comments.

The Click Clique E26: Madeline Carroll, Smosh & Grimmie Says Goodbye! (9/22)(Sep 22, 2011)

Episode 25 – 9/20/11

The Click Clique – Episode 25: Beau Mirchoff, Christina Grimmie’s “Pooplet” and…Wait, Where’s Janet?!

Janet Krupin is missing from this episode of The Click Clique (wah!), but don’t you clicksters worry. She’s just on a temporary hiatus and will be back shortly, but the equally as cute Elliot Morgan will be taking her place in the meantime. Everyone say “Hey, Elliott!” And in other news, we played “Would You Rather?” with Awkward‘s resident hottie Beau Mirchoff (yeah, we’d play anything with him, too), and got Grimmie to show us her “little pooplet.” Uh, swear it’s not what you think.

Click to watch The Click!

Did Elliot do a good job as host? Think Beau is a cutie? Tell us in the comments, and stay tuned for the Smosh set visit on Thursday!

The Click Clique E25: Smosh, Grimmie, & Beau Mirchoff (9/20/11)(Sep 20, 2011)

Episode 24 – 9/15/11

The Click Clique – Episode 24: This Episode’s So Packed We Can Barely Fit It On The Page. But We’ll Try…

Today’s episode of The Click Clique is so incredibly packed that Janet had to do the f-f-f-feedback in fast motion. She’s talented like that. Maybe that’s why she’s LOLing in that pic? And oh yeah, about the ep being incredibly packed? It is. In it we’ve got a glimpse at Grimmie’s new song, an interview with #TheList stars (and twins!) Nina and Randa, and another interview with Tyler Blackburn and Meaghan Martin from the new web series, Wendy. Got all that?

Good. Now click on to watch!

That was intense, right? Which interview was your fave? Stay tuned for Tuesday’s all new ep, but in the meantime, tell us your thoughts on this one in the comments!

The Click Clique E24: Grimmie, Wendy’s Tyler Blackburn & Meaghan Martin, and #TheList!...(Sep 15, 2011)

Episode 23 – 9/13/11

The Click Clique – Episode 23: Grimmie, Hilarious YouTube Vids, and Destinee and Paris!

Something scandalous has happened in the world of celebrity goss and Janet is just not having it in today’s episode of The Click Clique. Yikes. But in happier news, this ep features some backstage footage of Grimmie goofing around on tour, a hilarious LOL-worthy YouTube vid that you’ll watch on repeat, and a super cool interview with cool, edgy singers Destinee and Paris. How’s that for jam packed?

Watch now!

Good ep, right? Will you check out Destinee and Paris’ new single? Tell us everything in the comments!

The Click Clique E23: Christina Grimmie and Destinee & Paris! (9/13/11)(Sep 13, 2011)

Episode 22 – 9/08/11

The Click Clique – Episode 22: Shane Harper Dishes on Cody Simpson. Oh, And Grimmie Raps!

So many clickity-clickable things to talk about with today’s ep of The Click Clique, we don’t know what to mention first! Guess we’ll start out with Christina Grimmie‘s rap skills. She breaks it down with Nicki Minaj‘s “Super Bass” — but does she do it better than her bud, Selena Gomez? Then Janet Krupin showed off her own singing skills to Grimmie’s “Liar Liar,” and we def feel the competition. Finally, Good Luck Charlie cutie Shane Harper stopped by to talk GLC, his music, and about a couple guys named Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance.

Phew! We def didn’t get a chance to talk about everything, so peep the newest ep now!

What’d you think of Grimmie’s rap skills? Was this one of you fave eps of The Click Clique? Feel free to comment away below!

The Click Clique E22: Christina Grimmie and Shane Harper! (9/8/11)(Sep 8, 2011)

Episode 21 – 9/06/11

The Click Clique – Episode 21: Flingo Hacks The Show! Plus, Grimmie Sings and There’s That Hot Guy, Too

And today on The Click Clique, we got…uh, hacked by Flingo? Ugh. That little Flamingo could be so sneaky sometimes. But actually, what he has in store is sort of more awesome than Janet’s regularly scheduled “Click.” Just sayin’. Plus, this ep we’ve got Grimmie singing a “four part harmony” and a special interview with cutie Brian Dales from The Summer Set, who reveals the one, easy peasy thing you’ve gotta do to win his heart. Pick us, Brian, pick us!

Click to watch!

What’d you think?! Flingo’s shoulder pads song is actually kind of catchy, right?! Tell us here!

The Click Clique E21: Christina Grimmie and Brian Dales of The Summer Set! (9/6/11)(Sep 6, 2011)

Episode 20 – 9/01/11

The Click Clique – Episode 20: We’ve Found Your New Celeb Crush! Plus, Grimmie Sings “Friday!”

The Click Clique E20: Christina Grimmie and Spencer Boldman! (9/1/11)(Sep 1, 2011)

(…) Spencer Boldman of the new Disney show Lab Rats, and Janet got him to chat about working with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in 21 Jump Street and…running naked through a mall. Oh, and, we’ve got Christina Grimmie (and Janet?) covering Rebecca Black‘s “Friday,” which is all kinds of awesome.

Are The Clicksters and Team Grimmie one and the same? What do you think?

Episode 19 – 8/30/11

The Click Clique – Episode 19: We’ve Got Boo, Boo Boo, and Grimmie’s Vocal Tips!

(…) not only does the latest ep have the usual Grimmie goodness and Janet hilariousness, but we’ve also got Boo Boo and Fivel Stewart in studio, an official name for the flamingo, and “10 seconds of epic cuteness.” And speaking of cuteness, you have just got to get a glimpse at our new fave YouTube pooch, Boo…

The Click Clique E19: Christina Grimmie and Booboo & Fivel Stewart! (8/30/11)(Aug 30, 2011)

Episode 18 – 8/25/11

The Click Clique – Episode 18: Jackson Harris & ShayCarl Come Up With a Potential Name for the Flamingo! Best Ep of the Summer!

So we totally apologize for the lack of a TCC ep on Tuesday, but we hope we can make it up to you with this special, mega, jam-packed, extra long ep of The Click Clique for you today. First, we chatted up ShayCarl of SHAYTARDS fame and the drool-worthy Jackson Harris (who may have named the flamingo!), sat down with up-and-coming singer Kelli, and got another hilar exclusive with Christina Grimmie. PLUS, we give you a chance to score an adorbs FlipCam. (Phew, that was a lot to get out.) Well, what are you waiting for? Watch it now!

The Click Clique E18: ShayCarl & Jackson Harris Go Crazy! (8/25/11)(Aug 25, 2011)

Special – 8/23/11

The Click Clique – Special: 10 Click Clique Moments We Will Forever Be Clicking On

Like any other Tuesday, we’re sure you were ultra-excited to see Janet Krupin and Christina Grimmie on the next ep of The Click Clique. But today, we don’t have an episode for you / we wanted to do something extra special by counting down our top 10 fave TCC moments. That’s right. We’re looking back at our exclusive interviews with Zendaya, Greyson Chance, Rebecca Black and more!

Episode 17 – 8/18/11

The Click Clique – Episode 17: A Grimmie Jam Sesh, PLUS Stef Scott Dishes on Her A.N.T. Farm

On this jammin’ ep of The Click Clique, Christina Grimmie never seems to find her way out of the bathroom during Selena Gomez’s concert (sad face). BUT, the Grimster was still able to perform an intense jam sesh. Plus? A.N.T. Farm’s Stefanie Scott dropped by to spill the deets on her new music vid for “Girl I Used to Know” (and her AF BFF). Oh, and Janet may or may not have named her pink flamingo friend. It’s about time, girl!

The Click Clique E17: Stefanie Scott & Christina Grimmie Jam Session(Aug 18, 2011)

Episode 16 – 8/16/11

The Click Clique – Episode 16: Janet <3's Herself. Plus? Grimmie's Emoticon is All Kinds of Awesome

This episode of The Click Clique is packing quite the punch. It’s got a little self promotion from Janet Krupin (that’s her “I love myself” face), a personalized emoticon from Christina Grimmie, and a sneak peek at Tyler Blackburn‘s brand spankin’ new music video, “Save Me”.

The Click Clique E16: Christina Grimmie Truth and Dare + Tyler Blackburn Performs (8/16/11)(Aug 16, 2011)

Episode 15 – 8/11/11

The Click Clique – Episode 15: Grimmie Doing the Slow-Mo Bieber Hair Swoop? You’ll See It Here First

Grimmie does the Bieber hairflip in slow motion. Janet Owls (and even “hoo hoos”). Benjamin Stone from Nine Lives of Chloe King talks about possibly playing Finnick in The Hunger Games. Yup. Just a little glimpse of what’s to come in this jam-packed ep of The Click Clique.

The Click Clique E15: Benjamin Stone & Christina Grimmie Answers Your Questions! (8/11/11)(Aug 11, 2011)

Episode 14 – 8/9/11

The Click Clique – Episode 14: Grimmie’s Planking! Plus, We’re Behind the Scenes with Jason Derulo

Janet, we kind of feel bad for you on this episode of The Click Clique. Telling a story about getting rejected by Perez Hilton? That’s gotta be awkward. But at least a plank (!) from Christina Grimmie plus behind-the-scenes footage of Jason Derulo in the rehearsal studio are there to keep Janet’s spirits up. Right, Ms. Krupin?! Plus, we’ve got the official name we’re going to be calling all you Click Clique viewers, so this one you’re def gonna wanna see.

The Click Clique E14: Jason Derulo Dances & Christina Grimmie Planks! (8/09/11)(Aug 9, 2011)

Episode 13 – 8/4/11

The Click Clique – Episode 13: Janet Celebrates Shark Week. Oh, And Rebecca Black Says Grimmie’s Talented

On today’s ep of The Click Clique, not only does Janet show off a dramatic hair flip (hey, it’s what the fans wanted), but we have another Christina Grimmie tour vid and Grimmie love from… Rebecca Black! Apparently, she thinks the Grimster is talented. Such a compliment coming from the “Friday” singer, don’tcha think?

The Click Clique E13: Rebecca Black’s on Team Grimmie & Grimmie on Tour (8/4/11)(Aug 4, 2011)

Episode 12 – 8/2/11

The Click Clique – Episode 12: Janet’s Kickin’ It With Leo Howard! And PS? Grimmie’s Taking Us On Tour

This episode of The Click Clique is full of Justin Bieber. But if the Biebs isn’t exactly your cup of tea, have no fear, because we’ve also got our usual segment with Christina Grimmie (this time from her sound check rather than her bedrooom), plus an interview with super cutie Leo Howard from Disney’s Kickin’ It and the upcoming flick, Conan the Barbarian. Click on to watch the click!

The Click Clique E12: Leo Howard & Christina Grimmie’s Sound Check (8/2/11)(Aug 2, 2011)

Episode 11 – 7/28/11

The Click Clique – Episode 11: Janet’s Got The Glee Project’s Bryce and Sam In Studio And We. Are. Jealous.

OMG how freakin’ cute are Bryce and Sam from The Glee Project? So. And lucky Janet got to chat with them in this ep of The Click Clique. Jealous? Us too. So click on for ep 11, to see if Bryce and Sam successfully completed Lindsay and Hannah’s challenge from the last ep, plus, Grimmie’s answering your fan q’s!

The Click Clique E11: Bryce & Samuel from The Glee Project and Christina Grimmie! (7/28/11)(Jul 28, 2011)

Episode 10 – 7/26/11

The Click Clique – Episode 10: Grimmie’s Got Moves! Plus Janet’s Got The Glee Project In Studio…

… this time we’ve got Christina Grimmie showing off her brand new signature move with a little help from a Selena Gomez song, plus an exclusive interview with Hannah and Lindsay from The Glee Project.

The Click Clique E10: Hannah and Lindsay from The Glee Project & Grimmie Dance Moves (7/26/11)(Jul 26, 2011)

Wanna practise the dance for yourself? ;)
Here’s some help from one of Christina’s awesome fans:

TheRealGrimmie Dance

TheRealGrimmie Dance (by Jade Jamal)

Episode 9 – 7/21/11

The Click Clique – Episode 9: Ok We Get It, Christina Grimmie. You REALLY Like Zelda.

… this time with that very special tour of Christina Grimmie‘s room that we so kindly promised you last time. We keep our promises, people. Also, we’re revealing the identity of our Celeb Mystery Planker, and we got said mystery planker to provide us with some special summer fashion tips.

The Click Clique E09: Bella Thorne Shakes Up Your Summer Wardrobe & The Grimmie Tiny Tour: Room...(Jul 21, 2011)

Special: Outtakes – 7/19/11

The Click Clique S02: Christina Grimmie Outtakes – Accents, Dryers, and Dubstep, Oh My!(Jul 19, 2011)

Episode 8 – 7/19/11

The Click Clique – Episode 8: Janet Tells You How To Get Justin Bieber At Your House! But Really.

… we are introducing a brand new segment that we like to call “Celeb Mystery Planker”. Thanks. We came up with that ourselves. Plus, there’s tons more celeb goss, exclusive summer tips from Zendaya, and more Christina Grimmie goodness where Christina even gives our host Janet a very funny proposition. Now this you gotta see…

The Click Clique E08: Christina Grimmie’s Questions for Greyson Chance & Celeb Mystery...(Jul 19, 2011)

Special: Cat – 7/14/11

The Click Clique S01: Christina Grimmie Can’t Hug Every Cat(Jul 14, 2011)

Episode 7 – 7/14/11

The Click Clique – Episode 7: Accio, Janet as Hermoine! Plus, We Play Matchmaker for Christina Grimmie…

…we did do a very special Harry Potter edition of The Click Clique today. You’re welcome. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still have our usual segment from Christina Grimmie (we do), and our usual guest star (we do), who, might we add, Christina had been hinting at wanting to be “singing buddies” with for a while now… it’s Greyson Chance! We got Greyson to watch Christina’s plea for a duet and it seems like he is so game. What’d you think of this ep? Would you like to see a duet between Christina and Greyson?!

The Click Clique E07: Greyson Chance & Christina Grimmie Nerding Out in 8-Bit (7/14/11)(Jul 14, 2011)

So “Counting” was inspired by 8-bit NES soundtracks? Any idea what game(s) Christina is referring to?

Episode 6 – 7/12/11

The Click Clique – Episode 6: This Episode’s Got “A Little Biebs In Every Bite”

…holding little baby Bieber bagel bites (which is super hard to say 3 times fast)? Um, yeah, that’s pretty much all you, loyal readers, need to know about this episode of The Click Clique. Oh, aside from that Christina Grimmie is in it too. And so is Janet. And she’s funny.

The Click Clique E06: Justin Bieber’s New Bieber Bites & Christina Grimmie’s...(Jul 12, 2011)

Episode 5 – 7/7/11

The Click Clique – Episode 5:

…we’ve got another segment with Christina Grimmie, this time coming to you with a super sexy Super Nanny-inspired British accent.

The Click Clique E05: Graffiti6 & Christina Grimmie Goes British (7/7/11)(Jul 7, 2011)

Episode 4 – 6/30/11

The Click Clique – Episode 4:

And we’re back! And in this episode of The Click Clique, so is Christina Grimmie, who dished on her fave music and, not surprisingly, BFF Selena Gomez‘s new album made her list.

The Click Clique E04: Christina Grimmie & Andy Grammer (6/30/11)(Jun 30, 2011)

PS: You can Get Christina’s Green Headphones if you want ‘em.

Episode 3 – 6/28/11

The Click Clique – Episode 3:

This week, not only does YouTube sensation Christina Grimmie start her recurring segment called The Real Grimmie (She’s @therealgrimmie on Twitter — get it?), but we also gave our favorite stars a makeover…in her signature hairstyle.

The Click Clique E03: Christina Grimmie & BTS of Chloe King (6/28/11)(Jun 28, 2011)

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