Album 1: Find Me

Christina Grimmie’s debut album, “Find Me“, was released on June 13th 2011 (at midnight, i.e. June 14th) exclusively on iTunes. Two days before, on June 11th, her single “Advice” premiered exclusively on Radio Disney. Three days before, on June 10th, her single “Ugly” premiered exclusively on

Upon release, “Find Me” almost instantly made it to #2 of the US iTunes Store Top 10 Album Charts, beating albums like Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”, Adele’s “19″ and Britney Spears’ “Femme Fatale”.

Digital copies of “Find Me” are available exclusively on iTunes. Physical copies will be sold throughout Selena Gomez’ Summer Tour 2011.

Buy on iTunes ($5.99)


Christina Grimmie’s album “Find Me” contains the following 8 tracks. Click on the links, to go to the songtexts (will be added soon).

Albumcover Find Me

# Name Time Songtext
1 Ugly 3:09 Lyrics
2 Unforgivable 3:52 Lyrics
3 Advice 3:35 Lyrics
4 King of Thieves 4:30 Lyrics
5 Not Fragile 3:31 Lyrics
6 Find Me 3:35 Lyrics
7 Liar, Liar 3:25 Lyrics
8 Counting 3:18 Lyrics
Buy on iTunes ($5.99)

“Find Me” in the News

Christina Grimmie’s ”Find Me” Hits iTunes
(abc News)

Christina Grimmie’s “Find Me” hits iTunes!

Christina Grimmie’s performs “Advice” on Good Day New York

CHRISTINA GRIMMIE Performs “Advice” on Good Day NY!

Christina about her Album (including Sneak Peek of all 8 tracks!)

Sneak Peek of my Album !

“Advice” Being Played on the Radio

MAJOR UPDATE! Album on June 13th Dudes!!

Last modified: December 22, 2011
  • cheyenna m yazzie


  • Nevada First

    when can i buy the actual disk because i want it now or really soon

  • Ferrari Yara

    Greetings from Brazil! I really wanna buy your album, when r u going to send your album to Brazil? Can I buy it through paypal and u would send it to me? I’m your fan and really want this! Congrat for everything

  • Jennifer

    i noticed that you answer on here so you obviously read these comments, i really want to hear you cover a drop in the ocean by ron pope or any he is we songs, thanks :)


      Please remember that this is a fansite! Christina is far more likely to see your request if you post it as a comment to one of her “any requests”-posts on her Facebook page.

  • Frida Com

    where can i get you’re album?? i love you’re voice:D


      On iTunes! Just click one of the blue buttons…

  • Marcus

    I really like this.. and im normally into hip hop

  • Francis A Suderio

    How Do We Actually Buy The Album With The Disk? I would Buy It Now. =D Good Luck Christina Your The Best Keep up the good work/singing. Keep the Covers Coming in Youtube.

    • Link (

      The disk-version will only be available at Selena Gomez’ Summer Tour.

      • Francis A Suderio

        At The Tour Would You Visit The Philippines? It would be an honor to met You and Selena. =D

        • Link (

          Unfortunately, the Philippines are not included in the Tour. You can find a list of all locations at

          • Francis A Suderio

            Then I will Go To The Places Then Haha. =D

      • MusicLover

        Could we buy it on August 23 cause i think she has concert on that date in TORONTO will you be there I LOVE YOU!!! No joke you are….. MY ROLE MODEL!!! I play the piano too!! I always go to you when i’m learning how to do a song!!! YOU ROCK!! AFTER her summer tour could we get the disk?? thx love you!!!!<3


          If you come to the concert on August 23rd in Toronto (or to any of the Tour concerts), just go to Christina’s merch table and buy your own physical copy of the album.

  • Francis A Suderio

    Just Bought It!!!!!!!!!!!Hahaha

  • Eduardo

    powders it is I do not manage to buy the album since I am of the brasil and I have not international credit card it chants I do not manage to buy

  • Guest

    Album link is out:

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