1. Verse:
Don’t look down
Cause it’s easier falling from force
Just letting it take nature’s course
And picking it up when it’s over

Don’t be afraid
Cause the chances are there for the take
But treasure the choices you make
And know when you must take it slower

You may think you’ve had it rough
And try to give it up
But when you think you’re stuck
Just go another way
Don’t let go of good times
And let the bad ones know you feel fine
And wear your heart out on your sleeve
Love is all, love is all you need
2. Verse:
Don’t be rushed
Cause hurrying causes mistakes
And make sure to give more than take
Cause sharing yourself brings you closer
Refrain 2:
Feel with all your senses
Make sure to let down your defences
There’s just one way to make you see
Love is all, love is all you need
Take a chance now cause it’s easy
Take a chance now for you and me
Take a chance now you can reach it
Take a chance for me
[Refrain 2]
Love is all you need,
love is all, love is all, love is all you need

Last modified: July 17, 2011
  • Emmi<3

    hi i was just wondering that if u were reading this christina i was wondering where you get your t-shirts that you wear in your videos cuz i think they’re awesome and i have the same taste in clothing as you so ya =) 

  • Evan Seungkyu Hong

    it sounds like instead of faults its force


      Thank you, updated.

  • Sabrina S.

    But treasure the choice (is) you makeAnd let the bad (ones) know you feel fine
    in () what i understand

    • Link (

      Thank you. Corrected “ones”. It seems that “choices” is right though.