Verse 1:
I can’t fall asleep tonight
I’m not the same without you
since I’ve been gone, since I’ve been gone

When I lay down at night
nobody’s here to catch the tears I’ve cried

Cant’ wait to be home, wait to be home

A million more miles till I get to see you
A thousand more minutes I know I’ll have to go through
Counting my way back to you, back to you

A hundred more thoughts of us to consume me
Too many steps till you’re right in front of me
Counting my way back to you, back to you

Verse 2:
I keep the company
but most days I’m still lonely
without you here, without you here

I try to do my thing
but I just might go insane
without you near, without you near

Verse 3:
If you could travel the world
with me I’d feel so complete
we’d have the time of our lives

Right now I keep waiting
a little longer to be by your side

[Refrain x2]

Last modified: August 16, 2011
  • Eddy

    I think this would make more sense:

    “but most days I’m still lonelywithout you here, without you here”

    I think this is the correct, anyway. (:


      Made the correction, thx.

  • Guest

    It’s “A hundred more thoughts of us to CONSUME ME”, not consuming

    • Link (

      Thank you, made the correction.