Find Me

Verse 1:
I know something’s bound to change
And I know I have been too late

Washing away this ever of madness
won’t come and spread no shame, spread no shame
‘Cause I’ve been waiting, watching and praying
for you to go insane

I’ve been holding out
come on down and find me
cauz I’ve been waiting my turn
Wish you luck
now your heart is beating to the sound of my name
and I say find me, find me
come on down and find me, find me, find me
wish you luck
Verse 2:
I’m in the fire, burning the though of
calling back your name

Maybe its all different now
because I see ???

Forget the footsteps
for ???
back ???

So now you’re pride opened your mind
and I’m what you’re looking for

Verse 3:
This sinfull smile
it won’t get you anywhere anymore, anymore

Last modified: August 16, 2011