Not Fragile

Verse 1:
Bet you didn’t think
I could walk through fire
Come out strolling on the other side
I’m made of steel and you can’t deny

Inside your head
I will never win
You let ‘em telling you who you are
But I’m me, I’m heading far

I’m not breakable, I’m unshakable
Why ‘ you trying to hold me down?
(Why ‘ you trying, trying to hold me down?)
I’m not breakable, so unstoppable
Nobody’s gonna knock me out
No bending me
I’ll never be
like broken glass
cause I’m not fragile like that

No one will see
fragments of me
like broken glass
cause I’m not fragile like that

Verse 2:
I packed my bags and I’m out the door
Don’t let it hit you on the way out
I’m moving on don’t have a doubt
[Refrain x2]
Verse 3:
Mirrors can crack and hearts can collapse
(Oh, I’m not fragile like that)
Hard to burn out and walls can fall down
(Oh, I’m not fragile like that)
[Refrain x3]

Last modified: December 21, 2011
  • sawaa

    These lyrics are wrong. :(


      Most of the lyrics were written by ear the night of the album release. If you have a particular correction, we’re happy to edit the lyrics.