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Album #2 is coming in 2012

From the interview with CelebSecrets4You (May 13th, 2012):

I’m working on a second album. And I’ve been hooked up with a bunch of producers and stuff like that, so my schedule is crazy for April, especially.

So expect a new album hopefully in 2012, that’d be awesome, and I just got a little bit updates here and there.

Christina Grimmie Reveals 2nd Album Details!(Mar 13, 2012)

Starting in July, Christina has been posting more details about this album on her Facebook page.

whats a cool not-already-taken album name, guys?
Facebook Post

My new album excites me so much…and I’m even MORE psyched that despite my busy life right now yu guys are STILL supporting me all the way. I love yu, don’t forget that EVER, Team Grimmie. Facebook Post

I almost feel as if I’ve left you guys hanging. I haven’t posted a video in awhile…I’ve been so crazy lately. But listen. I want yu to know that I wud NEVER leave yu guys just hanging. TEAM GRIMMIE makes me believe more and more in myself every day and ur support is absolutely unexplainable….this next album is gonna be killer an I just truly hope yu guys are on board. TRUST ME!! I love yu, Team, please know that.. SAPPY TEARY EYED MOMENT…♥ sorry. Love u team.
Facebook Post

And it gets even better with Christina mentioning the possibility of a new tour in 2012:

So seriously, if I went on tour after this next album, who would come out to the show?!? Facebook Post

We’ll make sure to keep you updated with the latest info! Are you excited?

  • A Frand_Pinkie

    RIP Christina,I wish you’re happy up there in heaven and away from any danger.. Team Grimmie LOVES YOU AND MISS YU <3

  • christinafrand

    Christina Grimmie yu are so cool,cute beautiful and have a amazing voice

  • Alex

    <3 I'll Make you proud. I dedicate my singing to you and when I rise up to your standard I will call out to you because i want you here with me to be on stage with me and to feel the audience as they cheer for you.

  • torioto

    Please make her videos visible now :(

  • evan Dc

    What DIGITAL AUDIO WORKSTATIO or DAW doea Christina Grimmie USE?
    plss Answer it! ❤❤

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  • Maria therese Manalo

    Hi Christina!Me(Abby),my sister(Therese),and my friend(Hope),are die hard FRANDS of your voice,songs,style(like your hair),and we went to your concert in atc last time you were sooper amzing and sooper kewl!I wish we could meet you face to face,talk to you(even through the internet)

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  • Mayur

    she’s lovely

  • zeldaxlove64

    hey cg

  • zeldaxlove64

    hey Christina grimmie

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    Christina grimmie is favorer team grimmie

  • cheyenna m yazzie

    hey cg

    • cheyenna yazzie

      come over at my house

  • cheyenna yazzie

    hey Christina grimmie

  • cheyenna yazzie

    Christina Grimmie is so funny

  • Melonie

    What does she plug it into, if she doesn’t use USB? ive seen her have something in her hand after the “In Christ Alone” vid, and then she clicks something on her laptop..

    • Nic

      She uses an Audio Interface – you can buy them anywhere. But to get a decent one you need to spend around $100 – and then your condenser microphone plugs into the AI, and the AI plugs into your computer. When she clicks the space bar on her computer, the microphone stops recording. She then just cuts the video by editing it. Hope this helps!

  • Harley Rumple

    When I click on the store so I can buy some merch. it says there is none!? WHAT DO I DO!!!!!! I’M GONNA DIE!!!!!

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  • Sylvain Garant

    Wow I’m so happy, I kept those two videos /watch?v=sbVOnszooP0 /watch?v=OA4fdiOqNMw :3

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