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Christina Grimmie in 2011 (Recap)

Tons of great covers, Christina’s first album, three tours, a whole bunch of commercials with Selena Gomez, and a performance with Taio Cruz at the American Music Awards. And you can read on below for even more…

So all in all, 2011 was an incredibly amazing year for Christina and Team Grimmie!

Opening of Official Merchandise Store

After dozens and dozens of requests by her fans, Christina finally opened her very own official merchandise store in February. It is the perfect place for Team Grimmie to buy t-shirts, posters and loads of other cool Christina merchandise!

YouTube’s The Digitour

During the month of April and beginning of May, Christina was given the opportunity to perform on five of the dates on YouTube’s The Digitour. This was the first time she performed her original songs on a tour.

Release of debut-album Find Me

On June 13th/14th, Christina Grimmie released her first album, Find Me, which debuted at #35 on the Billboard charts. The album consisted of eight tracks, and peaked at #2 on Itune’s Top 10 Pop Album Charts in America. You can still pick up the album on iTunes!

Release of music-video Advice

Five days after the debut of her album, the music video for the song Advice was released. Christina worked with Sean Babas and Brian Henderson on the video, which now has over 6 million views on YouTube. Just like the album itself, you can grab your copy of the video on iTunes! Oh and by the way, it’s free!

Radio Disney plays Christina’s songs

Christina’s first single, Advice, debuted on Radio Disney on June 11th, soon followed by Liar, Liar. Later in the year, Christina took over Radio Disney with Ernie D and performed acoustically for the station.

Christina’s Prom!

In the midst of her rise to fame, Christina was able to take a night out of her hectic schedule to live out a normal teenage experience: Prom!

AATIR with Sarah

‘Above All That is Random’ continued in the year of 2011 as Christina and her good friend Sarah created silly songs out of random words. If you want a good laugh, there’s just no way around the randomness that is AATIR!


Skrillex captured Christina’s attention this past year, so much so that she made a couple videos of herself rocking out to his songs!

Videogame Alert: Nintendo 3DS

One thing Christina was thrilled about this year, was the release of the Nintendo 3DS. Being the biggest videogame-geek ever, she obviously had to get one for herself! Now she can play Zelda while she is on tour!

1 million YouTube-Subs & 2 Year Anniversary

Christina posted her first video cover on her channel zeldaxlove64 in 2009, so this past year marked her 2 year anniversary! Also, the fact that Christina now has over a million YouTube subscribers is a cause for celebration!

The Poof

“The Poof” drew much attention throughout the past year. Christina even posted a Hair Tutorial for those who want to rock her look. Most recently, Christina got a hairstyle that included bangs, but don’t fear, Team Grimmie, the poof is still visible!

We Own The Night Tour with Selena Gomez

Not only was Christina given the opportunity to go on tour with Selena Gomez and Allstar Weekend in America, but also in Canada. Over the summer, Christina traveled across the nation performing hits off of her debut album, plus some of her most popular covers! After the summer-segment of the tour wrapped up, Christina continued to perform on the second leg of the tour with Selena in Canada. It certainly seemed to be a lifetime experience!’s The Click Clique

While on tour, Christina stayed in touch with her fans by checking in weekly on The Click Clique. Be sure to check out all the videos from Christina’s experience as a clickster!

Winner of Taio Cruz’ Coca Cola Contest

Because of the tremendous support of Team Grimmie, Christina won the Coca Cola contest! The prize for winning this contest included recording Taio Cruz’ single Higher and performing it with him at the American Music Awards 2011!

Christina on The Ellen Show

With the help of Team Grimmie, Christina was given the opportunity to be interviewed and perform on The Ellen Show this past September. She performed her cover of How to Love with Tyler Ward and also sang Liar, Liar.

American Music Awards 2011

Because of her victory in the Coca Cola contest, Christina was able to perform with Taio Cruz at the American Music Awards 2011! If you haven’t already, check out the performance, and download the song for free. Further more, Christina won New Media Honoree (Female)!

Kinect for Xbox 360 Commercial with Selena Gomez

At the end of the year, Christina, Selena, and The Scene recorded a series of commercials for Microsoft’s latest console feature: Kinect for Xbox 360!

Revealed the origin of Liar, Liar

Fans discovered what the meaning behind Christina’s single Liar, Liar was, when she did an interview with Cambio. She revealed that it was about a close friend who wasn’t quite as honest as she would have liked.

zeldaxlove64′s song covers in 2011

To look back at the past year, one fan created a video that contains all of Christina’s 2011 Covers!

Christina Grimmie covers in 2011(Dec 1, 2011)

All in all, 2011 was an incredible year for Christina Grimmie.
Who knows what 2012 will bring???

Rawwk on, Team Grimmie!

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      She uses an Audio Interface – you can buy them anywhere. But to get a decent one you need to spend around $100 – and then your condenser microphone plugs into the AI, and the AI plugs into your computer. When she clicks the space bar on her computer, the microphone stops recording. She then just cuts the video by editing it. Hope this helps!

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