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How Christina got discovered

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Christina Grimmie tells MTV News how Gomez’s parents discovered her on YouTube (MTV)

Christina Grimmie Talks Getting Discovered On YouTube By Selena Gomez’s Stepdad (

So yes, Selena’s mom Mandy and step-dad Brian are actually Christina’s managers!

How Christina got discovered – the detailed version

Getting more and more popular on YouTube, Christina was eventually contacted by a number of people who wanted to manage her. However, since their messages appeared very unprofessional, she turned all of them down. Some more professional people, Christina gave her parent’s number to, asking for them to call. But noone ever did.

It all really started with Christina getting connected to YouTube-legend Kurt Hugo Schneider via fellow YouTube-musician Tiffany Alvord (the two recorded a duett together). Kurt and Christina then recorded the famous Miley Cyrus Medley – Christina Grimmie (By Kurt Schneider) . Since Christina’s brother Mark briefly appeared in the video, she added a link to his YouTube channel to the video’s description.

When Brian and Mandy Teefey (better known as Selena Gomez’ stepdad and mum) stumbled upon just this video, Mandy told her husband to “be a stalker and go find her”! Since Brian had no idea where Christina lived, and since it was hard to contact Christina personally (due to the huge number of messages she receives from her fans every day), Brian decided to contact Christina’s brother Mark via his less popular YouTube channel (which Brian knew about from the Medley’s description – see it all comes together).

Having read the message, Mark texted Christina, who was sitting in math class in school at the time: “I think Selena Gomez’ stepdad is trying to contact us!” Obviously, Christina’s first reaction was disbelieve: “Like no, come on now…”.

But the message had been sent from Selena Gomez’ channel, so they got together (he came over) and talked everything over. It was true. And that’s how it all started.

- Christina Grimmie tells MTV News how Gomez’s parents discovered her on YouTube (MTV)
- Christina Grimmie Talks Getting Discovered On YouTube By Selena Gomez’s Stepdad (
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