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“Advice” on Radio Disney

Missed it on Radio Disney? Don’t worry!

Christina Grimmie’s “Advice” premieres on Radio Disney

Picked it? Or kicked it?

Single Advice on Radio Disney - Results

Single Advice on Radio Disney - Results

Overall, the voting showed an awesome result: 95% picked it, and only 5% kicked it.


Listen to “Advice” Preview!

Christina Grimmie – Advice (Studio Version) Preview

Christina about her Single/Album

Hey dudes ! My single “Advice” premieres on Radio Disney this Saturday June 11th at 2pm EST 11am PST !! :D be sure to listen in and vote at the link below to keep it playin’ on Radio Disney ^_^ :D RAWWK ON TEAM GRIMMIE !! \m/

MAJOR UPDATE! Album on June 13th Dudes!!

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  • Sylvain Garant

    Wow I’m so happy, I kept those two videos /watch?v=sbVOnszooP0 /watch?v=OA4fdiOqNMw :3

  • bob