“The Dragonborn Comes” from Skyrim (Cover)

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“The Dragonborn Comes” from Skyrim (Cover)

Me Singing "The Dragonborn Comes" – Skyrim – (Malukah’s version)(May 12, 2012)

Why did we have to wait so long?

Back in mid-March (19th), Christina announced that she would post her Skyrim cover “next week”. So why did it take her that long to upload the cover?

In the video, she gave two reasons:

  • She wanted to learn split-screening.
  • She did not want to steal views from Malukah.

We don’t think these reasons are valid, as her split-screening isn’t that great (the top-left corner is empty throughout half the video, and the transitions are distracting), and it is commonly accepted to upload a cover when a song is popular. In addition, waiting that long made her miss the point when the game’s popularity was at its highest. Right now, Skyrim is yesterday’s news, as the gaming community is focused on the release of Blizzard’s Diablo III on May 15th.

Given that this is far from the only occasion in which videos have been uploaded long after they were promised, we have to say that as Christina is getting bigger and bigger, letting her fans wait for that long just can’t be considered a smart move any more.

If you’re busy, tell us you’re busy. We will understand. But if you keep letting us wait without explanation, people will get mad at some point. Even at you…


How does Team Grimmie feel about waiting so long?
Cover’s great though, ain’t it?
Tell us in the comments!

  • A Frand_Pinkie

    RIP Christina,I wish you’re happy up there in heaven and away from any danger.. Team Grimmie LOVES YOU AND MISS YU <3

  • christinafrand

    Christina Grimmie yu are so cool,cute beautiful and have a amazing voice

  • Alex

    <3 I'll Make you proud. I dedicate my singing to you and when I rise up to your standard I will call out to you because i want you here with me to be on stage with me and to feel the audience as they cheer for you.

  • torioto

    Please make her videos visible now :(

  • evan Dc

    What DIGITAL AUDIO WORKSTATIO or DAW doea Christina Grimmie USE?
    plss Answer it! ❤❤

  • A̶n̶g̶g̶i̶e̶l̶y̶n̶ L̶a̶v̶i̶g̶n


  • Maria therese Manalo

    Hi Christina!Me(Abby),my sister(Therese),and my friend(Hope),are die hard FRANDS of your voice,songs,style(like your hair),and we went to your concert in atc last time you were sooper amzing and sooper kewl!I wish we could meet you face to face,talk to you(even through the internet)

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  • Mayur

    she’s lovely

  • zeldaxlove64

    hey cg

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    hey Christina grimmie

  • http://batmannews.com cheyenna m yazzie

    Christina grimmie is favorer team grimmie

  • http://batmannews.com cheyenna m yazzie

    hey cg

    • cheyenna yazzie

      come over at my house

  • cheyenna yazzie

    hey Christina grimmie

  • cheyenna yazzie

    Christina Grimmie is so funny

  • Melonie

    What does she plug it into, if she doesn’t use USB? ive seen her have something in her hand after the “In Christ Alone” vid, and then she clicks something on her laptop..

    • Nic

      She uses an Audio Interface – you can buy them anywhere. But to get a decent one you need to spend around $100 – and then your condenser microphone plugs into the AI, and the AI plugs into your computer. When she clicks the space bar on her computer, the microphone stops recording. She then just cuts the video by editing it. Hope this helps!

  • Harley Rumple

    When I click on the store so I can buy some merch. it says there is none!? WHAT DO I DO!!!!!! I’M GONNA DIE!!!!!

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  • Sylvain Garant

    Wow I’m so happy, I kept those two videos /watch?v=sbVOnszooP0 /watch?v=OA4fdiOqNMw :3

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