Selena Gomez’ “We Own The Night” Summer Tour 2011

Christina Grimmie is one of the opening acts for Selena Gomez’ Summer Tour 2011, also known as the We Own The Night Tour. The Tour started on July 28th and will last for approximately six weeks. The other opening act is Allstar Weekend.
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Christina Grimmie – Liar Liar (Live on Selena Gomez...
Interview with: Christina Grimmie 8/20/11 NJ
EXCLUSIVE: Go Inside Christina Grimmie’s Tour Bus!
Meeting Christina Grimmie
"We Own The Night Tour" & Meeting Christina Grimmie
We Own The Night: 1st Show!
Meeting Christina Grimmie!
Selena Gomez Kicks Off Summer Tour
Christina Grimmie Interview 7/28/11

Video Recordings

Salt Lake City, UT — September 7

[no videos to display]

Denver, CO — September 4

[no videos to display]

Pueblo, CO — September 3

[no videos to display]

Kansas city, MO — September 1

[no videos to display]

Dallas, TX — August 31

[no videos to display]

St. Louis, MO — August 29

[no videos to display]

Timonium, MD — August 26

Christina Grimmie and Selena Gomez 2011 Timonium MD Concert

Boston, MA — August 24

[no videos to display]

Toronto, ON — August 23

[no videos to display]

Hershey, PA — August 21

[no videos to display]

Holmdel, NJ — August 20

Interview with: Christina Grimmie 8/20/11 NJ
Christina Grimmie: Liar Liar Rehearsal
Christina Grimmie: "Not Fragile" Soundcheck Rehearsal
Christina Grimmie: "Liar Liar" Soundcheck
Advice (Live) – Christina Grimmie [LQ]

Philadelphia, PA — August 19

christina grimmie advice live in PHILLY 8-19-11

Uncasville, CT — August 17

Advice – Christina Grimmie – We Own The Night...
Christina Grimmie singing "Liar Liar" LIVE at MOHEGAN SUN...
Christina Grimmie performing ONLY GIRL at MOHEGAN SUN ARENA...

Gilford, NH — August 16

Liar Liar – Christina Grimmie Gilford

Cleveland, OH — August 14

Christina Grimmie – Advice – Live; Cleveland, OH...

Chicago,IL — August 13

Christina Grimmie Chicago 8/13/11 We Own the Night Tour
Christina Grimmie chicago 2011 #2
Christina Grimmie | August 13, 2011 | Chicago, IL
Christina Grimmie Only Girl In the World [HD 720p] Cover LIVE...
Only girl in the world -Christina Grimmie cover Chicago

Papillion, NE — August 12

[no videos to display]

Detroit, MI — August 10

Christina Grimmie at DTE Energy 8-10-11
Christina Grimmie Liar Liar at DTE in detroit michigan
Christina Grimmie Live In Detroit, MI 08/10/2011
Christina Grimmie 8/10/11 at DTE

Darien Center, NY — August 9

[no videos to display]

Bethel, NY — August 5

Selena Gomez We Own The Night Tour Bethel, NY

Atlanta, GA — August 2

Christina Grimmie Not Fragile in Atlanta, Georgia
Christina Grimmie Liar Liar in Atlanta,Georgia

St. Augustine, FL — July 31

Christina Grimmie – Advice Live (St. Augustine, FL...
Christina Grimmie – Cover Medley + Only Girl In The...

Clearwater, FL — July 30

Liar Liar — Christina Grimmie (Live in Clearwater,...

Boca Raton, FL — July 28

Christina Grimmie – Not Fragile – Boca Raton,...
Christina Grimmie Live in Boca Raton, Florida – July 28...
Christina Grimmie singing "Liar Liar" in Boca Raton, FL...
Christina Grimmie Concert

Prior Announcements

Selena Gomez’s Advice to Christina Grimmie
Christina Grimmie Joining Selena Gomez/Allstar Weekend Tour
Touring this Summer


The following are the dates that Christina listed on Christina’s Facebook Events-page.
Please note that, while we have carefully collected all the listed dates, we cannot guarantee that they are correct (late changes etc.). Always check the details back with Selena Gomez Tour-Dates before purchasing tickets.

UPDATE: Apparently, Selena’s page lists more dates than Christina’s page does. We asked Mark about it and he replied, that Christina’s page should have all concerts listed that she attends, even though he was not entirely sure.
This means you will have to decide for yourself if you want to purchase tickets for any of the concerts only listed on Selena’s page but not on Christina’s.

  • Jul 28th, 201119:00Christina Grimmie Live in Boca Raton, FL – July 28Buy Tickets

  • Jul 30th, 201119:30Christina Grimmie Live in Clearwater, FL – July 30Buy Tickets
  • Jul 31st, 201119:00Christina Grimmie Live in St. Augustine, FL – July31Buy Tickets

  • Aug 2nd, 201119:00Christina Grimmie Live in Atlanta, GABuy Tickets
  • Aug 3rd, 201119:00Christina Grimmie Live in Charlotte, NCBuy Tickets

  • Aug 5th, 201119:00Christina Grimmie Live in Bethel, NYBuy Tickets
  • Aug 9th, 201119:00Christina Grimmie Live in Darien Center, NYBuy Tickets

  • Aug 10th, 201119:00Christina Grimmie Live in Detroit, MIBuy Tickets
  • Aug 12th, 201119:00Christina Grimmie Live in Papillion, NEBuy Tickets

  • Aug 13th, 201119:00Christina Grimmie Live in Chicago,ILBuy Tickets
  • Aug 14th, 201119:00Christina Grimmie Live in Cleveland, OHBuy Tickets

  • Aug 16th, 201119:00Christina Grimmie Live in Gilford, NHBuy Tickets
  • Aug 17th, 201119:00Christina Grimmie Live in Uncasville, CTBuy Tickets

  • Aug 19th, 201119:00Christina Grimmie Live in Philadelphia, PABuy Tickets
  • Aug 20th, 201119:00Christina Grimmie Live in Holmdel, NJBuy Tickets

  • Aug 21st, 201119:00Christina Grimmie Live in Hershey, PABuy Tickets
  • Aug 23rd, 201119:00Christina Grimmie Live in Toronto, ONBuy Tickets

  • Aug 25th, 201119:00Christina Grimmie Live in Boston, MA!Buy Tickets
  • Aug 26th, 201119:00Christina Grimmie live in Timonium, MDBuy Tickets

  • Aug 29th, 201119:00Christina Grimmie live in St. Louis, MOBuy Tickets
  • Aug 31st, 201119:00Christina Grimmie live in Dallas, TXBuy Tickets

  • Sep 1st, 201119:00Christina Grimmie live in Kansas city, MOBuy Tickets
  • Sep 3rd, 201119:00Christina Grimmie live in Pueblo, COBuy Tickets

  • Sep 4th, 201119:00Christina Grimmie live in Denver, COBuy Tickets
Last modified: December 18, 2011
  • Danial

    MALAYSIA please Selena :( Im begging you Bring Christina Grimmie to MALAYSIA pleasee :(

  • Jessica Gorder

    come to minnesota!

  • Kimjaynedowling

    would love to hear her but sadly im Australian…so ill have to wait till she conquers the world before she comes here!

  • Ophir_k7

    yeah, i know israel is freaking far away and it is like WTF ISRAEL ? but, yaap i’m from israel, and i LOVE christina sooo much and i wish that one day when christina will be famous she will come to israel. and I can promise ya pips that i’m christina’s biggest israelian fan ! woow i’m talking way to much (:


    • Ophir_k7

      plus i want to buy her hard copy CD

  • Guest

    She isn’t going to any concerts any further than the ones listed above. She said in the info box of her new video “Christina Grimmie Still Loves Skrillex” that she’ll be home around Sept. 10th….. which sucks seeing as i bought tickets for Sept. 12th show, but whatever. in the info box.


      Yes, sadly that’s what it says. Thanks for posting it here!

  • Dominik

    i want that one of her concerts is in austria, salzburg :D

  • Winweathers

    Are you coming to Seattle in Washington State any time soon?  Do you have any tour dates that bring you to Washington State.  Please email me.

  • Rob :)

    Hey Grimster :) You should come to Houston, Texas. We love you. You are so beautiful :)

  • emmajayne

    please come to australiaa!! lovee you christinaa :) <3

  • Skysmiles

    Going to her concert at Hershey,PA!!! :D

  • cassie

    september 4th is suppose to be oregon?


      No, September 4th is Denver. Oregon is September 5th (according to Selena’s Tourdates), but it is not listed on Christina’s Events page, so she might not be there.

  • Michael:D

    so theres no certainty that christina will be at the puyallup concert?


      To be honest, we really don’t know. As it says above on this page, there are inconsistencies between Selena’s Site and Christina’s FB-page. Christina’s brother suggested that Christina’s page would be accurate, so that’s why we’re not listing the other dates. You will have to decide for yourself if you want to take the risk or not. If we should hear more, we will update this article.


    I refuse to miss at the Pueblo concert love! <3 I MISS YOUU DARRLING

  • Matthew Dutcher

    NO Hawaii either that sucks cuz you are really cool and I would so buy tickets to come see you 

  • Kelly

    No California!!! I live in sacramento when u coming to Arco Arena

  • Julia Rose.

    I am going to pass out, wake up, scream in happiness and then die if I could go to your show in Detroit. Idk if I can but I want to sooooo bad.

  • Corley

    I bought your album the other day at the store and im addicted to it!!! COME TO VIRGINIA!!!! I LOOOVE YOU!

  • MDuarte

    I dont see Arizona on here. Sad Face :(

  • SoulSilver25

    Please come to Charleston, West Virginia!  I’m a huge fan and I really want to see you in concert.  You have inspired me to start writing songs and I’m happy that you have strong faith for the Lord.

  • Marieruiz26

    Come to Vegas. ;)

  • Marieruiz26

    Awe, I’m gonna see selena gomez live, but Christina Grimme is not gonna be there. * sad face* :(

  • Breanna Gonzales

    she is coming to san diego on sepember 8th check on google
    i am also a really big fan so yea


      @Breanna Please name your source.

      The dates listed above are an exact replica of Christina’s Facebook Events. Yes, Selena does list more dates on her Tourpage, however since Christina hasn’t listed these on her events-page we cannot be sure if she will attend. The three more dates listed are:

      09.09.11 7:00pm EDT
      San Diego, CA
      Valley View Casino Center

      09.10.11 7:30pm EDT
      Las Vegas, NV
      Mandalay Bay Events

      09.12.11 7:00pm EDT
      Puyallup, WA
      Western Washington Fair

      Thank you.

      • Kelly

        She not opening for her on those dates


          Is that a question? We don’t know, Mark G. suggested that all of Christina’s concerts are listed on Christina’s Facebook events-page (i.e. here), but he added that he wasn’t entirely sure himself.

  • Kelsey Anne

    heyyyy christina!! i just wanted to let u know that im soooo phyced for the detroit concert but i have really really really bad seats…. lawn seats! i hope i’ll be able to see! ILY CHRISTINA GRIMMIE!! i cant wait for the meet ‘n greet!! i am soo excited to meet u and selena!! theres a catch tho… i have to ask first….  


  • Christinagrimmierocks

    Oh no your not even going to Washington!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    I’m sad now :( Please go to the east coast if you go on another tour. Because if you don’t I will be very sad and mad. Lol well hope you read this. Byeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Christinagrimmierocks

    Oh no your not even going to Washington!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    I’m sad now :( Please go to the east coast if you go on another tour. Because if you don’t I will be very sad and mad. Lol well hope you read this. Byeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Christinagrimmierocks

    Oh no your not even going to Washington!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    I’m sad now :( Please go to the east coast if you go on another tour. Because if you don’t I will be very sad and mad. Lol well hope you read this. Byeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • SammySingally

    Wow, I wish she was coming to England  :(

  • Uscgdreamer22

    You guys aren’t coming to Virginia either?! Hmph -____-

  • Arleth Gonzalez

    is she goin 2 cali

  • Arleth Gonzalez


  • Gigajavaturbo

    philipines wait for you..,.,!

  • Lisette

    im so sad youre not going to be in paso robles!:((((( i really wanted to see you!

  • GrimmieLover

    Im sooo Excited for St.Louis MO!!
    Im gonna meet her at her merch booth!!!

  • Anonymous

    Please come to the San Diego concert!!!!

    • Arleth Gonzalez

      she should i really want 2 buy her album

  • Marita(:

    Does anyone know how much the gold package costs? I live in MA so idk if the prices change or not.

  • Guest

    ARE YOU FLUFFING KIDDING ME? NO ARIZONA…. heart=BROKEN! NOOO shattered into millions upon milions of sad pieces :(

    • morgan

      Ah another person in arizona, i feel for you.

    • Llarzelere

      Selena Gomez is in town tonight, but GUESS WHO ISN’T!!!!

  • Liselotte :3

    I REALLY would love it .. but ya. im from the Netherlands , a small country in the middle of nowhere >.< i want to meet here and just… ARGH :$ but good luck with you're concerts. but if you ever come to the netherlands YOU'RE GONNE SEE ME :D {i've said to many times ''but'' } 'xxxx

    • Eliza

      It’s not in the middle of nowhere. but still, that is sad :( i live in europe too :( iwould love to go.

  • Katelynhank19

    I am about to cry…She isnt going to Minnesota! :’( I am supper sad now! I was all excited to get a shirt of hers too! And now I am going to cry :(

    • Link (

      You can still get a shirt from even if you can’t make it to the tour :)

    • Kmburns9

      I was so mad to why is she not coming here her boyfriend loved Mn

  • Eduardo

    well that I wanted to go but I am of the brasil and I have no money to travel

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  • Michela ☊

    I’d like go to a her concert but. guess what? I’m european D:

  • Zach

    I should go the show in Detroit since it will be on my 16th Birthday :D and i don’t live far from there.

    • Katelynhank19

      Lucky Duck!!!!!!!