YouTube’s Digitour 2011

Christina was a part of YouTube’s “The Digitour 2011″ around the USA.

The Digitour 2011

The DigiTour is the first ever nation-wide YouTube Tour! We’re hitting 27 cities in the Spring of 2011! All your favorite YouTube musicians LIVE ON STAGE! This is THE tour that MILLIONS of YouTube fans have been asking for! (The Digitour’s Facebook)

YAY, A TOUR!! The DigiTour / VIP Tickets:

Christina Grimmie Talks Performing At Digitour

Christina Grimmie Talks MyYouTube Contest & DigiTour


According to the Digitour Tourdates, the following were the concerts that Christina took part in:

Date City, State Location
Apr 27 Vienna, VA Jammin’ Java
Apr 28 West Chester, PA The Note
Apr 29 Lancaster, PA Chameleon
Apr 30 Baltimore, MD Sonar
May 01 New York, NY Gramercy Theatre Christina Grimmie Tour Exclusives takes you behind the scenes of Christina Grimmie’s Digitour concerts.

Digitour, Day 1! Christina Grimmie Shows Us Her Tour Bus And Pre-Performance Warm Ups

Digitour, Day 2! Christina Grimmie Shows Off Her Vocal Chops — And Super Hot Drummer

Digitour, Days 3 and 4! Christina Grimmie Shows Off Her Kicks…And Her Fear of “Poop”

Digitour, Day 5! Christina Grimmie Takes New York City!


Vienna, VA (Day 1)

Songs performed: Liar Liar, Advice, Perfect (Cover), Telephone (Cover), Only Girl (Cover)

Liar Liar


Perfect (Cover)

Telephone (Cover)

Advice, Perfect (Cover), Telephone (Cover), Only Girl (Cover)

West Chester, PA (Day 2)

Songs performed: Advice, Liar Liar, ?

Lancaster, PA (Day 3)

Songs performed: Advice, Perfect (Cover), Telephone (Cover)

Telephone (Cover)

Advice, Perfect (Cover), Telephone (Cover)

Baltimore, MD (Day 4)


New York, NY (Day 5)


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Last modified: December 18, 2011
  • zeldaxlove64

    Hahaaa, thx at all body <3

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  • Cosette

    OMG! You need to come to South Carolina! I would BEG my mom to let me come to your concert! I would also LOVE to sing with you! Unfortunately, I don’t have a Facebook, so I can’t do that singing thing you do on yours. I would only create a Facebook for you I swear! Keep rawkin’!

  • Stevenharvey1

    hehe i want a sind cd off you please :D xxxx

  • Brendon roy

    WELL christina I Coulb be so glad if you can do a show to quebec (CAnada)Montreal, Bell centre. here in quebec the francophone we so love you and all of my family friend and my school know you and they are all saying that if you do a show at the bell centre well they will a go to buy youre tickets

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  • Constance

    Christina Please, go to Spain! I love you music and I want to go to your concert. Please go to Spain. I do not care if you go only to sign autographs. Plus I get him to like many people, because your voice is beautiful, and you’re great. Well, in any case please subscribe to my YouTube page:TheProfessionalVideo.